Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good bye 2012 and Hello 2013


We all ate our Black-eyed peas for good luck in 2013.  The girls are NOT fans at all! (Emma looks like a little Indian in the picture, but it really was a Happy New Years hat!) ;)

Welcome Emma Kay!

The biggest event which helped bring 2012 to an end was the welcoming of Emma Kay into our family of 4. She made a grand entrance by weighing 9 lb 9 oz.  It was a tough delivery, but she is here and healthy which makes it all so worth it!  Many of you knew all of my issues during this pregnancy.  I am so happy to share that ALL of that quickly disappeared as soon as she was born.  Some people LOVE being pregnant and have this special, beautiful glow….(ummmm….that would DEFINITELY not be me!)



The girls are adjusting better than expected to Emma. They are extremely gentle with her and love to just watch her sleep.  Hanna is into pointing to all of her body parts and saying them.  Both Mya and Hanna have really enjoyed playing “mommy” with their dolls and helping me and Heikki take care of Emma.

113 028 041

Of course Emma spends most of her days sleeping and eating, but she is sleeping a lot at night too.  Now that we figured (or think we figured) that she doesn’t do well with dairy, her nights are getting even a little better and a little less chaotic!

She has had a few outings this month.  She visited Santa, drove around and slept through Christmas light looking, Omi and Pops house, cousins Morgan and Austin’s house, few restaurants, and a little bit of Christmas shopping.  (**Now that I really think about it, she slept through all of these outings!)

046 074

007 030

Another fun event that wrapped up 2012 for us, was that Hanna turned 2! We chose to not have a big party for her due to Emma’s arrival, but all in all that was probably a good thing due to Hanna being sick on her birthday.  Omi and Pops came over to help celebrate by bringing gifts and having some pizza. (And we did take her to the Grapevine Polar Express…guess we are bad parents doing that, however Dr said she wasn’t contagious, and this little girl is a trooper when she is not 100%…so we thought, why not!) ;) Hopefully her next bday she will be feeling great and we won’t be welcoming another baby and she can have a very memorable 3rd bday!

012 024

Christmas Time!

After Hanna’s bday we focused on Christmas! We started the month off by having a visit from “Purple” the Elf. Mya was WAY into him this year, so we threw in some better hiding spots than last year. 

Another fun Christmas tradition that we started last year is we read a Christmas book each night before bed.  Heikki and I wrapped 25 books and the girls would take turns opening the books.  They enjoyed this nightly event a lot. 

A new tradition that we started this year is that we took the girls shopping for a child less fortunate.  This worked out a LOT better than expected.  I thought FOR SURE Hanna (being 2) would not understand that she got to pick out a toy and would have to put it in a box and never see it again!  But they both did great!

Christmas Eve was just as exciting as all the years in the past!  The whole family (the girls, Heikki and I, Brent and Leslie, and Morgan and Austin) all went to Omi and Pops for dinner, games, drinks, presents, and Dad’s remake of Twas the Night Before Christmas (Dad takes all the memorable events of the year and puts them into the “tune” of Twas the Night Before Christmas….an event that I look forward to every year!) And right before his reading he always makes everyone a Brandy Ice. (I ordered a double this year!)


024 030

Another tradition that I look forward to is mom and dad come up with a new game each year.  This year was “Let’s Make a Deal”.  Super fun times!


And of course, what’s Christmas Eve without a family pic! As the family grows it gets a little harder and harder to get everyone smiling and looking in the right direction, but we sure gave it a go!


The girls enjoyed a white Christmas this year!


We ended 2012 by going to a New Year’s Eve party.  (This was with the 3 kids and let me throw in the big girls had no nap during the day).  Therefore, we did not make it to 2013, but we had fun while we were there!

We’re looking forward to see what month 2 has in store for Emma Kay! And what 2013 has in store for the whole family!

**Had to end the blog with this picture of Hanna.  She is into everything right now….including CHOCOLATE:

011 013

She climbed with a stool to the pan that I had made for our New Years Eve party.  Sneaky little girl!! **Note to self: move all desserts away from stove!

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2013!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Additions to the Ritvanen Family

Yes, it has been about 4 months since I have blogged! Not good since I like to put these blogs into books after the year has passed!  So this year is going to look a little odd in book form!  Oh well….not all books are well organized! :)

Due to our lives about to completely change, I decided I would jump back on and give it a shot!  (Not to mention it is 2:30 am and I can not sleep!).  With the title of this entry being ADDITIONS to the Ritvanen house, I guess I must expand on that!  We have decided to remodel our deck!  This is super exciting as we will be able to enjoy the outdoors a little more, no matter what the weather has in store for us.  It will be covered, stamped concrete, a nice kitchen. There will be side rails and gates so that the girls can't just come and go as pleased as they do now. In the future this of course wouldn’t matter, but as of now, I’m not too thrilled that they are able to do this! I am definitely excited about the remodeling of the deck, however, with my THIRD fun pregnancy, I have not wrapped my brain around the greatness of it (as Heikki has)!.  Im sure I will.

The much more rewarding and exciting addition to our family is of course Emma Kay!  We will be welcoming her in less than 48 hours!!  EEKS….little scary, but so exciting at the same time! We absolutely can not wait to hold her, kiss her, and see who she is going to look like!  Mya and I were talking about this the other day:

Me: Well, she could look like you, Hanna, mommy, daddy, a mix of all of us….it will be so fun to see!


Mya: Or she could look like Bobo! 

After quickly explaining to Mya that this would not be the case, she seemed quite relieved!

So how are the girls handling this new addition (that hasn’t even taken place yet?), hmmmm…..ummmmm, uuuuggghhhh…..(is about all I can say).

Both girls have become very clingy and whiney! And being 9 months pregnant with 2 toddlers hanging on every inch of my body while crying, it isn’t too calming!!  I am hoping once they see Emma, all of their anxieties will quickly diminish and calmness will once again join our family!

I am quite anxious as this day is approaching super fast NOW that it is almost over (however, it has seemed like my longest pregnancy with all of my issues).  I am anxious due to delivering at a brand new hospital, a new dr (for me) , and of course all the other feelings that comes along with bringing a new little one into the world!

**Well, I was going to add a few family pics (of just the 4 of us), however, cant get images.  Think if I would wake Heikki to tell him I need him to wake up so that I can finish my blog (doubt he would be too happy,as any right minded person would be) So I am thinking I will just add on next time I get on….which should be very soon!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


(Or should I call it catch up time).  I am not doing so well on keeping up with the blog!  I really do enjoy it, but time just slips away!

I was going to just start with Mya’s 3rd birthday events, but while going through some of the events of July, I could not skip Camp D!!

Camp D is something that my mom and dad started a few years ago with Morgan and Austin.  Basically mom and dad takes each grandchild and spends 3-4 days of one on one time with them.  And let me tell you….they dont just sit around, these are non-stop days!  The kids get to pick from a list of events of what they would like to do, and mom and dad make it happen! It is really a very special time!  I know that each of the kids enjoy this time and know that it is meaningful, but just imagine how meaningful this will be to them in a few years (when they really “get it!”). 

So, with that said….this was Mya’s and Hanna’s first year to do Camp D!  We decided we would do their first Camp D just a little different (due to the age).  First, cousin Morgan spent the 2 1/2 days with Omi, Pops, and the girls to help out!  And boy, I really do think she was a HUGE help!  Mom had all their events planned out (instead of them choosing, again due to the age).

This is list of just a few of the things that they did: (and I must add…..no time for nap!!!)

1) Omi made an African safari Plains.  She buried lots of play animals and the girls searched for them!  FUN!!

2) Played games with Morgan

3)Science Lessons

4) Color Time

5) Bubbles and more Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, riding toys

6) Ft. Worth Science Museum

7) Build your own aquarium (Pretend)

8) Duck feeding at the Oasis

9) Pet Store

Now this was all done, plus more in 2 1/2 days!  (Dont forget you have to throw in eating, sleeping, bath time).  I know I don’t do near this much stuff in 2 1/2 days.  Omi, Pops, Morgan, and the Girls have way more energy than me!!!

Now do you see why I couldn’t leave that exciting event out!!!  The girls had a blast!  Each year Omi makes a Pic-a-boo book from all their events and I know these books with be cherished! (I plan on getting some pics added here so when I make our family blog book, I will have this special event included with pictures).

And now jumping to August!

Mya started swim lessons.  Where we chose to do swim lessons, Hanna is too young.  So we will begin her lessons next summer. Mya was very hesitant at first, but she had her second lesson last week and seems to be enjoying it more!


Another thing that the girls and I have enjoyed this summer is a sibling class at My Gym!  They get so much out of this class.  It has come to an end…but that’s ok, BECAUSE they offer free play, which we intend to take advantage of during the school year!

The day before Mya’s birthday Omi took the girls, me, Aunt Leslie, cousins Morgan and Austin to the circus!  Oh My!!  Both girls enjoyed it!  But I must say…Hanna LOVED it!!  She was into all the lights, music, animals, all of it!!


*You may notice in this picture Mya is no where to be found.  That is because she was not a fan of the clown noses!!  Hanna on the other hand wanted it off and on!!

I’m sure I am forgetting stuff and may need to come back and “fill in”.  But for now, I will jump to another VERY important event!!  Mya’s 3rd Birthday!!  Can’t seem to be possible that we have a 3 year old!!  But we do!!  ;)

Mya is very much into Mickey Mouse these days! (Both girls are). So what better way to celebrate her birthday than to have a Mickey Mouse birthday party at My Gym! Mya had a few friends come to her birthday party to

celebrate her day!  And thank you everyone for making our little girl feel so special!

  039 078 105 193 230 321 382 391 402 404 424 504

And on her actual birthday we celebrated with Omi, Pops, Morgan, Aunt Leslie, and Hanna.  With some pizza, cake, and ice cream!  And fun gifts of course!


Again, thanks for everyone making this a very special day for Mya!

Hopefully the next time I post I won’t have let so much time pass by!!  With me being pregnant and chasing after 2 girls all day my mind is on overload and can’t remember too much of anything!!!

That does bring up one last important thing!  Pregnant me!!  It hasn’t been a very eventful pregnancy, however a very sleepless pregnancy!  Not sleeping at all due to Restless Leg Syndrome!  I have tried it all!  Elevated my legs, exercise, baths, soaps under the fitted sheet (yes, even that).  The only thing that somewhat helps is tons of Icy Hot!!  So I will be stocking up on that!  Emma (the name of our 3rd girl) seems to be doing well and growing as she should be!  Mya is very excited and talks about her a lot!  Hanna kisses my belly a lot.  I know we have several weeks to go but I am so anxious to meet little Emma (we all are super anxious).  Its going to be so much fun having 3 little girls running around!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2nd Day of Mya’s Potty Party

Today went as smoothly as the first day!  We are two very proud parents (and Mya is very proud of herself!)

Instead of the timer going off every 20 minutes today, it went off every 30 minutes!  She had one tiny accident (while running to the bathroom).

We had another full day of fun activities:

2nd day Ready to get this party started!

Fruitlook necklace Making a fruit loop necklace!

WP_000338 Hanna got caught eating all the fruit loops!

fruitlook pic 2 Tired of making the necklace. Decided to make a Fruit Loop picture! 

Fruitlook pic Finished product

mickey mouse snack time Mickey Mouse Snack Time (had no idea Mya was sick with 100.  It’s apparent in this picture…super tired and only about 10 am).

Princess punch 2 Princess Punch 3 Princess punch Princess punch to go along with our Mickey Mouse Snack Time. SOOOOO yummy! (Princess Punch found on Pinterest).

water paint Revisited Favorite Activity: Water Painting!

too hot 2 too hot your hot Got hot WAY too fast.  Mya decided she would start painting herself and Hanna with water!  (No complaints from Hanna).

making princess cookies Mya is into baking these days!  Whats a Potty Party without Princess Cookies??

our little monkey Our Little Monkey!

Volcanoes Both girls were exhausted after a busy fun packed day!  Hanna pulled Daddy out of the bed and climbed in.  Lasted a total of about 5 minutes, but sure was cute watching her read books to herself!

Looking forward to tomorrow!  Last day (hopefully) of potty training!  Come Monday she will be potty trained and we can go about our normal daily schedule!  Staying at home for 2 days has been hard, but fun!

Mya has been a trooper these past 2 days.  After realizing that she is running a fever, it makes her a double trooper for hanging in there.  Every time we told her it was time to go potty she would stop any activity and go!  Another Ah Ha moment that I have had in these past 2 days (which I have known but not used to its fullest) Mya is the sweetest little angel when she is completely busy and  I am a much calmer momma!!  This has been a learning experience for all!

Anxious to see what tomorrow will bring!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Potty Party Time!

Since the age of about 2, Mya has been in the process of potty training! Oh what a nightmare!!  Its funny…I look back now remembering that I had posted on Facebook how Mya is only 18 months old and sitting on the potty herself, etc, etc. (Thinking this was going to be a breeze).  Well, let me tell you guys….NOT SO!!! 

However, I SO do not put the blame on her.  I have been wishy washy since day 1.  Heikki and I are FINALLY to the point where enough is enough and this girl needs to be a BIG GIRL and potty on the toilet!!!

So Thursday night we (as a family) went to the store and bought lots of juice and lots of stickers!  At first I was going to head to the $1 isle and buy lots of toys and do a treasure chest (which lots of people do and it works for them).  To be honest, I really didn’t think it would work for Mya!  So, I came up with a different idea.  I got on Pinterest and searched for Toddler Boredom Busters.  I came up with about 5-6 different activities.  We woke up this morning and began our POTTY PARTY!!!

To be very honest, I thought it would be a total bust!  Staying at home all day did not sound fun to me and I sure didn’t think it would be fun for 2 VERY ACTIVE girls! But HEY….it wasn’t so bad!  We had lots of fun!

Every 20 minutes a timer would go off and Mya would run to the bathroom.  If she went to the potty,  she got a sticker.  If she didn’t go, she would get lots of praise from me for trying. 

These are the pictures from our Potty Party Day #1.  (Daddy gets to join us tomorrow).

Potty Time   7 am: Ready To Potty!!!


Rice Box Rice Box Measuring Fun! Mya loved this, and Hanna wanted to eat it. 

Break for real Time for a DRINK BREAK (and fruit chews).  Lots of Drink breaks!

I Pad in the tent Hanna went to sleep super early today so Mya had some quiet time with the I Pad in her princess tent. 

Lunch Not a healthy lunch AT ALL!  BUT….her day.  I asked her what she wanted for lunch.  She told me cheese and M&Ms. So she got a cheese sandwich and M&Ms!

No Mess PAinting This was a pretty cool activity and no mess!!!  Which I LOVED!  (No-mess bag painting)

Painting with water Painting with water and paint brushes.  This was probably the most liked activity by both girls.  (Even though Hanna wanted to suck out all of the water from the sponge brushes).

Potty Pooper! Around 5 ‘clock I put Mya in pull ups and we left the house to get some dinner and some meds.  Glad I put her in pull ups because she was out in about 10 seconds. I thought once I get home with the food she will be up and ready to go!  Nope…we sat down for dinner and she said: “Night Night!” She grabbed her blanket and headed to her bed! THIS IS HUGE…since many nights I read or sing till she is out (or till I’m out!).

All in all, this was a great 1st day of potty training!  She did not have any accidents (with the exception of a few poopies at the end of the day!..we dont count those today!)  She went to the potty every 20 minutes without a fuss!  Hoping tomorrow and Sunday are just as successful and Monday she will be a potty trained little (BIG) girl!!